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The Ritual of Beautiful Things

I have some gorgeous wine glasses, delicate and paper thin glass, etched with a beautiful flowing leaf design. I got them from my father who said they had always been his favorite wine glasses but he never used them for fear of breaking them. And I should say, I break ALL my wine glasses. I pretty much just drink out of jam jars (my mother would cringe!) or from some huge thick wine glasses from a big box store because they were inexpensive and I wouldn't freak out if I broke them. But then, one night, I carefully took down one of the delicate, beautiful glasses and poured my wine. and walked around the house cherishing that glass of wine. And now I use those flowery glasses every night. 

I am always in a rush, working single mom, running two businesses and a household. I often bang into things or break fingernails or catch threads of a shirt because I'm rushing and not paying attention. But the delicate wine glass teaches me every night, to slow down. I have to be careful where I place it, how I handle it, and certainly how I wash and dry it - by hand, very gently. It makes drinking a glass of wine into a sweet, full of presence ritual for me. And beyond forcing me to slow down and be present, it feels like I am doing something beautiful for myself. I'm saying "I am worthy of the nicest most beautiful delicate glass." I don't always have to drink out of the mass produced thick heavy ugly wine glass. I choose beauty, I deserve beauty. Erma Bombeck who wrote many hilarious books about daily life, was diagnosed with cancer, which eventually took her life. She wrote a beautiful piece just after her diagnosis saying, "Use the pretty little soaps shaped like roses. Burn that beautiful candle. Don't save them. Life is now." I think of that as I carefully carry my beautiful wine glass from kitchen to living room. The time for treating ourselves, for honoring ourselves, for using the pretty gift soap and the beautiful wine glasses is now. Don't save the beautiful things for later. Partly because no one is assured of a later. But mostly because we are worth it. Today is worth it. It doesn't have to come out only at Christmas, or when your in laws come to visit or whatever your "special" scenario is. Today is special. Today is sacred. Make pouring wine a ritual - it feels it when I use those glasses. Make everything a ritual, by doing it with love and presence. And don't wait. Don't use the ugly wine glass. Notice the subtle, but really significant difference in the feeling when you get out your best china, your best crystal, even your best soap. And use it just for you, for your family. We honor ourselves when we do this. We cherish ourselves and we treat ourselves and we say "I am worth this. And I will notice it, enjoy it, cherish it and be present for it." When we do that, anything can be sacred. Anything can be a gift. And then suddenly everything is sacred and everything is a gift. #stonefeatherfire #ritual #wine #sacred #inspiration #selfworth #love #self #beauty

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