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Singing as Notre Dame Burns is Why I Write About Rituals

This moved me to tears. People singing as they watch their beloved, thousand year old cathedral burn. This is the beauty of ritual. This moment when the world watches with broken hearts as Notre Dame burns, people gather and they sing hymns. The same hymns that have been sung in that cathedral for centuries and centuries. This is the powerful need we all have for ritual, especially in times of grief and sorrow, that led me to create this page and blog and book. Ritual is what we can fall back on when we are lost. Ritual is community, connectedness, tradition., healing. This is beauty in the face of destruction. And they all knew what to do, to sing. Because music is a sacred ritual of the church. This is seeing healing begin even as the flames still burn. #notredame #paris #singing #ritual #healing #stonefeatherfire

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