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Ritual of Walking A Labyrinth

Strange to think of walking as a ritual. But like anything when it's done with attention and presence, it can become just that. The tradition of walking the labyrinth exists in many cultures. Ancient Greeks, Hindus and Hopis all have imagery and records of this meditative stroll. What is a labyrinth? Unlike a maze, a Labyrinth doesn't have dead ends or trick turns. There is one way to the center and the same way back out. The Labyrinth scan be seen as a metaphor for life - twisting and turning, but with the one true path leading to the center, or toward the heart. WHere, once we have gained wisdom from the journey, we walk the twisted turning path back out into the world. Labyrinths are just another tool to bring peace and presence. They are meditative tools, walking meditations, where we focus on each step and let our minds rest from the endless chatter and worries of daily life. The beauty of the labyrinth is that anyone can build one - just a little space and a bunch of rocks or sticks, and you can create your own labyrinth. They can also be found at many locations from ancient sites (Chartres Cathedral labyrinth dating to the 1200s, or Hopi labyrinths which are alled Tapuat and are said to represent the mother and the child, the mother being at the center - the womb, the maternal energy, with the child journeying around her, and to her) and in modern locations and many spiritual retreats. There is even a website called Labyrinth Locater at

Whether you are walking an ancient labyrinth, or one you create at your healing center, back yard or even in your livingroom, the labyrinth is an ancient ritual that invites us to be present, to reflect on our journey and to gain wisdom by being present at every step. This spring I am going to build one in the half moon vegetable garden I created last year in my back yard in Maine. Stay tuned for pictures of that! I do it all on a budget so it will be made of sticks and stones. And even the building of it will be its own journey. #labyrinth #ritual #meditation #peace #inspiration #stonefeatherfire #hope #chartres #buddhism #sacredgeometry

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