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Perfect Welcome Baby/Peaceful Sleep kit

The perfect, unique Baby Shower gift to welcome baby home - or for a child who can use some help sleeping (like mine! - this worked wonders for my little one). Kit includes a soothing Himalayan salt nightlight that casts a warm, pinky-orange light and adds relaxing negative ions to the room. A 2" rose quartz angel- rose quartz is the stone of love, which all babies drink in! This sweet angel protects, soothes and nurtures. Lavender essential oil, just one or two drops on a diffuser or piece of fabric are enough for children - the ultimate relaxing scent. A selenite stick - soothing, protective and calming. Shields the room from negative energy. And a dream catcher (available in blue, purple, pink or neutral/tan) - a Native American tradition to hang where a child sleeps to "catch" bad dreams and bad energy and keep them away from the child. This is a soothing, calming, protective gift for baby or child that is both practical and beautiful. . #babyshower #gift #baby #sleep #relaxation #healing #crystals #stonefeatherfire #kids #dreams #protection #inspiration #lavender #essentialoils

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