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How To Work With Your Own Energy

One of the most valuable things I ever learned was how to get in touch with my own energy and intuition. And from there, how to recognize energy that is not my own. If you are sensitive to energy then you have felt this – overwhelmed or upset with no idea why, or maybe you find it nearly impossible to go into a big box store like Walmart because you are so agitated there. If you are sensitive to energy, then knowing how to tell the feel of your own energy from another’s energy is an essential skill for a happy, peaceful life. When you can feel your energy you can work with it: to clear it, to calm it. And when your energy inside and out is calm, your life will shift. You will notice this inner calm slowly creating more calm in every area of your life. And when life throws you a curveball, or a sadness, or a trauma, it becomes easier and easier to return to your energy and soothe it, nurture it and calm it, so that you can stay centered and even calm even in the midst of total turmoil. I practiced this daily when my mother died and during my divorce and though I felt the pain of both events acutely, I always had a place inside me that knew that I was ok, that remained calm throughout and it was my inner harbor in a storm. There is not a lot of outward ceremony involved in this ritual. But it is so important to go inside and work with your energy if you want to have control over your emotional, and to an

Start by lighting your candle and sitting comfortably. Remove your shoes and sit with your feet flat on the ground. Or if you are sitting on the ground you can sit cross legged. Take a few centering slow breaths in. And out. Now put your attention on your body. How does it feel? Are you stressed, are you peaceful? Are you comfortable? Does anything hurt right now…your back, your head? Feel the seat under you. Feel the ground under your feet or your body. Start to feel the energy that is in you and surrounding you. Our energy exists in a sphere around us that extends several inches beyond our physical body. This can actually be measured, it is not a new agey belief. Some people can see these energy fields, which are also known as auras. See if you can in any way feel your own energy in and around your body. Try to visualize it. This maybe feel impossible, you may have no idea what I’m talking about at first. But don’t worry. It will come to you the more you practice. Whatever you see or feel, before your mind can get ahold of it and say things like, “you’re crazy or you’re imagining things,” that is what you want to slowly feel, recognize, acknowledge. That is your energy and your intuition communicating with you. You can take your hands and very slowly move them toward one another. The more you do this, or maybe the first time you do this, you will start to feel an energy pulsing and even pushing back a tiny bit between your hands. You can cross your hands and hold them over your heart and pay attention to what you feel. Each person’s energy feels different. Some people’s energy is soft and calm. Some people’s is faster or “louder” or huge and intense, or very high vibration and almost angelic. The more you listen to and recognize your own energy, the more you will notice when you encounter energy that is not your own, and the more you can keep other people’s energy off of yours. I can’t tell you how this simple sounding, and simple once you get the feel for it, ritual changed my life. I went from feeling like a leaf blowing in the wind, at the mercy of other people’s moods, opinions and energies, to someone who is highly sensitive, yet most of the time very grounded, joyful and clear. All because I know how to work with my own energy.

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