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How I Healed My Heart

The end of a beautiful day. And I realized after thinking a lot today about this new site and blog and shop of mine here, I think I was drawn to studying different cultures, and then to studying many traditional rituals and forms of healing, because I always felt different and maybe a bit broken. I needed healing and I needed to know that different was ok. I used to be almost a different person. And yet so deeply the same. I used to have huge emotions I didn’t know what to do with. Depression. Loneliness. Inability to stay in one place. And one day I’d had enough. I moved to Santa Fe and studied Acupuncture for 3 years and at the same time started studying Native American culture and spirituality. Buddhism. And exploring and healing my own psychology. And all these years later I still practice those rituals, those healing techniques. But now I don’t have to try to be happy. I am a truly, deeply joyful person. But it’s no accident. I’m melancholy by nature. Old people being lonely or neglected kids or animals....Suffering makes my heart heavy. I'm not one of those always up and sunny types. But I have a relentless commitment to happiness. And I shape my life around this commitment. But it has been that way so long it’s effortless now. I simply don’t have any time for things that are negative. Or people that are. I honestly don’t even see them now. And if I do, I let them go instantly. I just am not interested. My life isn’t always easy, at all. Divorced. Lost my mother three years ago. Single mom. Working. Keeping the lights on. But I’m joyful. And I know that ritual and ceremony and spirituality are what got me here. And what keep me here when life gets hard, or even truly painful. I’m not always happy. But I’m always joyful. Ritual and spirit make that possible for me. They changed my life from a messy emotion storm, to a beautiful ride I’m on with a big smile. Ritual is simply taking what is important or sacred or what you want to create, and giving it physical form. Anyway, that’s how I got here. To a beautiful, abundant, not perfect, but incredibly blessed life. And I believe we have to pass on what others have taught us. Hence...#stonefeatherfire #healing #ritual #inspiration

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