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Forest Bathing

Being in nature makes me feel that everything is going to be ok. It calms even my worst worries. I don’t know that spending time in nature in general fits the theme of rituals. Certainly specific things do from May Day celebrations to harvests to hunting. But I do know, to me, being in nature is sacred. It is my church. It is where I feel God, Spirit, the universe, sometimes I’m even pretty sure if I am still enough, a gossamer fairy might flit by 🧚‍♂️. I know that for me and for my sons nature clears away the energy of other people. Of stressful events. Of racing thoughts. Natures stillness and its utter perfection are what calm me. It’s perfection because it just is. The broken branch is as sacred as the tall oak. The critters are busy being critters. Nothing else. A forest after a fire is as perfect as before. It just is. When we can drop into that space in our own lives, letting go of expectation, judgement, resentment, irritability...when we can drop into the present moment and let all else go, we are perfect and we are perfectly joyful. But for me, and most of us, that’s hard to do. Or to mantain. But nature is always there to teach us, remind us, gently invite us into the moment. In the UK doctors are actually prescribing time in nature, as in prescribing it to treat anxiety and depression. It’s Vitamin N. In Japan there is a word for “forest bathing”, and the word means something like what it feels like after you e walked in a forest. Ancient wisdom. Modern medicine. And common sense all point us back to nature. So after a stressful morning, later today, I’ll wander into the land preserve woods I'm lucky enough to have next to my house. And I will close my eyes, and breathe, and listen, and bathe in nature. Wash myself clean and emerge renewed. Nature is a great healer and great comforter. Let’s make sure we return the favor, and protect and heal her too. #nature #healing #stonefeatherfire #environment #earth #motherearth #trees #inspiration #children #outdoors #meditation #energy

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