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First Day of Spring, With a Full Supermoon!Feeling a Little Crazy Lately....This Might Be Why!

Happy Spring! Today there is a rare convergence of things - the first day of Spring, the Equinox, and also not just a full moon but the last Supermoon of 2019. The energy around today is big! Full moons really can alter how we feel, many of us have a hard time sleeping on full moons and doctors and nurses will tell you the ER is definitely busier. There's a reason the myth of the werewolf came about. I mean the moon effects the tides of the ocean! Of course it can have an effect on us. Then there's the spring equinox, the time when the sun is hitting the northern and southern hemispheres equally. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (I'm a nationally licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist) anyway, in TCM the winter is the time of Yin - or things that are dark, inward, slow and quiet. But today marks the beginning of the Yang returning - yang is active, bright, warm. It's a time of change and growth and stirring....from the seeds in the ground, to the seeds of ideas or intentions you may have had over the winter. We can call it Spring Fever, but what we are feeling is the earth warming, movement beginning, inspiration striking...time to take your intentions and ideas and start acting on them. Start growing the seed into it's blossom. For the Celts of Scotland and Ireland, Spring celebration is called Imbolc. Rituals to celebrate Imbolc including paying tribute to the goddess Brigid, the goddess of the hearth. For this reason fires are lit. Mine was lit by 6am, partly in honor of Brigid, and partly because my heat broke 3 days ago and the guy had to order a part and it's Maine! But I digress...Traditional celebrations including making wreaths or crowns of flowers, visiting holy wells or sacred springs, deep cleaning our homes, and collecting eggs - all symbols of fertility an rebirth. Whatever your way of celebrating, the feeling of the sun's warmth, the stirring of the critters and the seeds and the first brave flowers to show their heads is the perfect time to set forth on new endeavors, start taking actions, even small ones, to realize a dream or goal, and give thanks for the endless cycle of rebirth this beautiful earth shares with us each Spring! #spring #springequinox #firstdayofspring #stonefeatherfire #Imbolc #pagan #celtic #Scotland #Ireland #Maine #rituals #traditions #gardening #intentions #lawofattraction #goals #healing #inspiration #fullmoon #supermoon

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