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Do You Have A Shortcut To Exhaling Ritual?

What is your quick go to ritual for relaxing in the midst of chaos? Here is an honest look at my kitchen. Rest of the house looks the same. Disaster. And I’m hosting a big Easter tomorrow. I was overwhelmed and had to stop. For me, lighting a candle and an incense stick (you can see them hidden in the mess), and put on some kirtan music (Amanda Botur is my favorite) and I instantly drop into myself and feel sane again. Rituals are shortcuts. This is my shortcut to exhaling and feeling grounded again. I won’t lie, there may be wine involved later. 😄 But a simple candle and stick of incense. A simple beautiful song and I am transported. If you don’t have a shortcut ritual to relaxation, I highly recommend creating one that works for you! #home #easter #relaxation #incense #candles #ritual #stressrelief #stonefeatherfire

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