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Sacred Arrangement Design is a term I came up with to describe arranging and designing a space by being in conversation with the energy of the furniture, objects, home, colors and people to create inspiring, calming, beautiful spaces - from a tiny corner, to a whole room. I do this using mostly things you already own, though we can add a few simple design elements, paint or other inexpensive changes to enhance the space. I can also perform energy clearings to clear out negative energy or the energy of other people (particularly useful when you've bought a new home) to invite flow and harmony into your home. Call text or email me and we can discuss your project to come up with a vision and a budget.


I am a nationally licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, published author and life coach. I have also worked in design as a hobby for years, recently realizing the spaces I create have a sacred connection by inviting the energy of the place and people to lead the design. <3

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