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Objects all have an energy and they will tell you where they want to be if you listen. And when they are arranged in that way, the result is a space that creates peace, sanctuary and a sense of sacred connection. Whether it is a table top in a corner, a small area of your home, or a whole room, I use color, texture, natural materials and objects you already own, occasionally with some inexpensive additions, to create a place of calm, of beauty and of restoration. We all need a sacred space in our homes where we can nourish ourselves and be inspired. Let's work together to create one for you!

I also do energy clearings on homes, from newly purchased homes, to any home especially if things feel stuck or just "aren't working." It's a simple process that takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on the size of the space.

Livingroom Beachhouse before.jpg
LR Beachhouse after.jpg
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